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ACE Western Canada Round Up Day 1


ACE 2018 Election
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ACE is pleased to announce that the following ACE members have been nominated to run for office:

President: Joshua Martins and Robert Ulrich 

Vice President: Jeff Niemiec and Luko Simlesa

Treasurer: Cheri Armstrong

Secretary: Melinda Gaspari and Lisa Zagarella

There are also two proposed amendments, one to the ACE Bylaws and one to the ACE Constitution. 

The constitution change is relatively simple and would adjust the mail-in deadline for election ballots returned via postal mail and not completed online. The deadline to receive mailed ballots is currently more than two full weeks later than the online deadline. The later deadline means that there is a delay finalizing the election results, which then leaves only a few weeks for the new officers and Executive Committee to transition. By making the deadline consistent, it will allow for a smoother, more organized transition while affecting less than one percent of members. Only two percent voted by mail in the last two elections, and very few of those ballots were received near the current mail-in deadline.


The bylaw change is a bigger one, and it will affect all members, hopefully in a positive way. Members are being asked to vote on whether ACE News should become an online-only publication. ACE publications have been an integral part of member benefits. Over the years the benefit of ACE News has changed some as the rise of the internet and social media has made it more difficult for ACE News to be truly “newsworthy,” as people get their news much more quickly today. ACE News in its current form often is reporting information to members that can be a month or two old by the time it is printed, mailed and received.

An online version of ACE News could allow for articles to be posted immediately without needing to wait for other articles or a full issue to be completed. With the redesign of ACE’s website already under way, there are options available that could make ACE News online more versatile and dynamic in its appearance, format and content than the currently available PDF download of ACE News that is available now. It likely could also still be formatted so that members could download and print content if they so desired.

Another benefit of the proposed change is that the savings from not printing or mailing ACE News would be passed on directly to the members. Dues rates would be reduced to the lowest they have been since 2005. Every membership type that currently receives printed copies of ACE News would see a $10 price reduction. No changes to RollerCoaster! are planned, and members who currently receive printed copies of RC! by mail will continue to do so.

The 2018 election platform is available for download as a PDF file. Click here to download the file. 

In June, current ACE members will receive an electronic ballot via email with instructions on how to vote. It will be sent from To avoid delivery problems, make certain is in your list of safe senders. To edit your list, contact your email service provider or Google "email safe senders list" for helpful instructions.