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Six Flags Great Adventure Safari Off Road Adventure 0 C. Lentakis The following is my review of the Safari Off Road Adventure at Great Adventure as experienced on Monday, September 3, 2018. This is a very rough ride experience in a diesel open truck with a canopy on top. Flash Pass is accepted on this ride for days of long lines in the queue which i wish i had bought as this line was over 100 guests long. Once i got to the head of the line, i was directed to row 5 of the truck in the station. There are lap belts for restraints on this vehicle and the safety personnel raise a wall on both sides of the vehicle and secure it with a locking pin. As far as station features at both the Great Adventure and Camp Adventura stations an exhaust system kicks in when vehicles enter the station to direct diesel fumes away from guests when in the station. The ride takes 60 minutes round trip to complete, there are over 1200 animals which include tigers, lions, bears, antelopes, bison, buffalo, giraffe, and many more wild animals. It reminds me of a trip through Jurassic Park as there are over 10 zones on the ride separated by gates and the dangerous animals are in a fenced in enclosure like the lions and tigers. They make it look exactly like an African safari with lots of open spaces for animals to roam freely. This vehicle that guests ride in is real automobile with diesel engine, driver, and they have complete control of the vehicle as it also has a steering wheel, gas and brake pedals. The vehicle does not run on a track so the driver can steer it in any direction they wish around animals in the road. This by far is the best attraction in the park because it is much safer than what it was back in the old days when private cars were allowed on this safari back when it was called Wild Safari. You can still see the entrance to the safari from the parking lot as you ride the shuttle between great adventure and hurricane harbor. It is now a truck parking area. When going to this attraction, do this first as they will close the queue line between 4 and 5 pm before other ride lines close for the day as this is very popular! You will really enjoy this ride, pictures are allowed, and this will be a ride that you will remember for many years! Dont miss it when you go to Great Adventure!
by C. Lentakis
Friday, September 7, 2018
2014 In Review 0 M. Lewison I just posted my annual review on Theme Park Review. It shows one photograph for each park we visited in 2014. This year it was 113 different parks and we picked up 161 credits, hitting both the 1100 and 1200 coaster milestones. I hope you enjoy our report:
by M. Lewison
Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Spring Con. 3 B. Mondry Thank you Mondrys and Richard for the awesome feedback for this event. I will make sure to relay your thoughts and comments on to the other members of the ACE Events Committee as well. Hope to see you all at another ACE event soon.Paul Blick, ACE Events Director
by P. Blick
Friday, April 12, 2013
Silver Dollar City, Outlaw Run 2 S. Galczynski Stan,Thanks for sharing a report about a great trip.  SDC is one of my favorite parks.My girlfriend & I had a treat Labor Day weekend trip there last year, and I hope to be able to go back for the regional ACE event there this May.I absolutely agree with you about Fire in the Hole!Again, thanks!--David L. 
by D. Lipnicky
Thursday, March 21, 2013
Six Flags TV. 1 B. Mondry Bob - We have some great regions who are very tight with their local Six Flags parks!  Thanks for noticing and sharing! -- David L.
by D. Lipnicky
Tuesday, August 21, 2012