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ACE Western Canada Round Up Day 1


What's your story?
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2/10/2013 at 8:57:54 PM GMT
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What's your story?
Hello all! I'm glad to be a member of this wonderful club called ACE :) We all have our reasons why we love coasters and the parks they are home to, so I think it would be neat to read other member's stories why the love or passion for the beautiful machines they are? When did it start? What's some of your favorites ie parks or coasters? Me personally, I've only so far ridden over 40 (I know that's nothing) and it was always there inside of me as a kid visiting Six Flags St. Louis during the 80's. I was broken in on their mine train coaster by Arrow, and was hooked pretty much from there. I finally got over the fear of bigger coasters when I was about 15, and then it got better and I became even more obsessed wanting to ride them more and more. So, here about 20 years later, I constantly think about them everyday still and it's always the best feeling when planning your next trip to go to a park to ride, right?? I'm planning on a Dollywood trip this year and a Cedar Point too! Thunderhead and Maverick are calling me to ride!! So, I'd personally write a book if I were to list all the reasons why I'm obsessed with roller coasters, but would love to read some of yours! :)

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2/11/2013 at 10:38:05 PM GMT
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Matthew - This is a great question.  And I am so glad you love being in ACE.  I have loved my 20 years in this outstanding organization!

While I always loved kiddie coasters, I was petrified of bigger coasters until I was a teen.  On a family vacation to see my grandparents in Pittsburgh and visit Kennywood, my mom pointed out the Racer was just about 10 feet taller than the (Little) Dipper and she would ride with me.  After a while and conflicted thoughts, I said OK, and we rode for two full hours!  

Then she said the Jack Rabbit was just about 10 feet taller than the Racer.  I said I could ride that one by myself, so she went on to try to find a family member to ride the Thunderbolt (which was just deemed best coaster in the world by the New York Times).  I spent the next 4 hours bouncing between Jack Rabbit & Racer.  

When we were leaving (early - because my dad hated/hates amusement parks), I was jabbering about Jack Rabbit & Racer and my mom said, "It's too bad you didn't decide to ride Thunderbolt."  Before I could open catch my breath, my dad said, "No, we are going home."  However, my grandfather (who got my mom riding coasters when she was 6, and who never contradicted my mom or dad) said, "Gene, let Davey ride."  Before my dad could say a word, my mom was pulling me by the arm (almost running) to get to the Thunderbolt.  After our 1 ride, I was floating 2 feet off the ground all the way back to the car.

The following day was the start of our 1,200-mile/2-day drive back home to Texas, and I talked a million miles per hour about Thunderbolt, Jack Rabbit, & Racer the entire ride home.  Most will say, I never stopped talking about coasters.

Thanks for the cool question (I hope others chime in)!

-- David Lipnicky (ACE Public Relations Director)