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ACE Western Canada Round Up Day 1


Indigo Films Events?
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4/25/2012 at 6:44:28 AM GMT
Posts: 92
Michael - Every park will have a different policy.  The Regional Rep Teams for the respective parks will give participants instructions and logistical information prior to the respective events.

5/1/2012 at 2:23:16 AM GMT
Posts: 19
I did a lot of Shoots for the Bert the Conqueror series plus I was just at the Dorney shoot. In every instance we we're allowed to stay in the park after the shoot. I supposed there are exceptions.But, I'd guess most will lt you stay in the park afterward.

5/2/2012 at 3:15:20 AM GMT
Posts: 6
Okay, just got a confirmation email for the Cedar Point shoot a little while ago. I have a few questions: - Are we expected/required to participate both days? - When I registered for the event, I only registered myself. The rest of my family are all members of ACE, so will they be allowed to attend/participate even if they weren't registered? I may have a family member accompanying me but not riding, so I thought I'd check. Please let me know ASAP. Otherwise, looking forward to the shoot! - Wynn

5/2/2012 at 3:50:16 AM GMT
Posts: 4
Hey I was wondering if anyone had any more info on the Kings Island shoot. Got  the email for the Cedar Point one already but not got much from Kings Island yet.

5/7/2012 at 3:58:52 AM GMT
Posts: 92
Michael - I hope the park or region contacted you.  Please let me know if they did not. -- David L.

5/14/2012 at 1:09:18 AM GMT
Posts: 6

Just want to say thanks to ACE and Indigo Films for doing this. Had a great time this morning at the Dragster shoot, even if it was a bit chilly. Thanks for inviting all of us, can't wait to see the show!


5/17/2012 at 12:38:15 PM GMT
Posts: 92

You are most welcome.

--David Lipnicky (ACE Public Relations Director)