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ACE Western Canada Round Up Day 1


KI Dino's going bye bye
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9/26/2017 at 7:22:53 PM GMT
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KI Dino's going bye bye
What's the speculation on possible replacements for the Dino's Alive? I know a lot of people hope for a giga, but with the recent capital investment in Mystic Timbers, I don't see it. Cedar Point celebrates 150 th season in 2019, and 150th anniversary in 2020. Don't think Cedar Fair wants to overshadow their flagship properties big dates with something like a giga at another property. So I think the next major ride to come to KI won't be til at least 2021. I know CF loves KI; they draw similar numbers as CP (I think CP draws 3.75 million, and KI around 3.5), but a giga would run 25-30 million with inflation factored in, so that's a distant future project, unfortunately. I've heard the antique cars could return; but over by Dino's wouldn't be ride friendly, I could see them opening up antique cars behind the Eiffel Tower, were the pet show and garden are, scenic, flat, and available space. Thoughts?

9/28/2017 at 2:04:06 AM GMT
Posts: 8
Hope we don't have to wait that long. There is a plot in Coney Mall under construction, so the antique cars could go there. How much money would those cost to put in? That's a super small investment so I doubt it could affect anything.

If I remember correctly, Mystic Timbers was around 5 million. I also remember when I was there I noticed a TON of land being actively cleared behind Banshee. The Giga could go there and around Xbase

9/29/2017 at 3:25:56 PM GMT
Posts: 10
But the upkeep on woodies is crazy compared to steel. Especially with the composite wheels they use now, not wearing out like the early steel coasters did. The Coney mall plot, is that the space behind the ET? In front of BLSC? That's be a great scenic place for Antique cars. But I see they're putting in a Skywarp, wondering where that'll go.