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Room and Ride Share Schlitterbahn June 16 to 17
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4/5/2017 at 2:16:52 PM GMT
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Room and Ride Share Schlitterbahn June 16 to 17
Going CoasterCon Schlitterbahn Add On June 16/17 and look for an Roommate because an aditional Person only pays 9,50 $ more. Anyone staying Landa RV & Campground that would allow me to pay 10 $ to pitch my small tent on his Site? (Landa HP says that is possible) Otherwise I look to stay in New Braunfels or Motel 6 Seguin. Seguin: We can share UBER (cost is 9,27 one way if shared with 2 and even less if 3-5 go together, what makes staying in Seguin much cheaper as in New Braunfels where Hotel cost is twice!) Or we can share Airbnb - just 18,50 $ per Person INCLUDING HOT BREAKFAST if you are able to book "Jenny's Coffee Corner"! Also look for someone that allows me to sleep in his Hotel Room in San Antonio. (I also have an Thermarest so I not need implzit an bed) Please E-Mail me at I see that not so many Rooms are left. So please contact me TODAY! Even you not like to share Room may you could share Ride? In case you also not have Car I know the cheapest combination of Bus and UBER to go between the 4 Locations in San Antonio, Seguin and New Braunfels and San Antonio Greyhound Station as I made a lot Research. Just E-Mail me and we save both! Thanks!

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